Additional Services


Being understood across the country is essential!  That's why Nielsen Opinion Quest has in-house French-English translation.

  • Fully certified
  • Specialized in market research
  • Need more?  We can help you get your questionnaire translated into Spanish, German, Chinese and more


Sample is the foundation of any research project.  When you're fielding a study with Nielsen Opinion Quest, we can help you get off on the right foot.

  • Canadian consumer sample in-house
    • Target by census divisions, CMAs, federal electoral districts and more
    • Use RDD, known directory listed numbers or a combination of both
  • Canadian business sample in-house
    • Target by SIC code, census divisions, CMAs, federal electoral districts and more
  • US consumer sample in-house
    • Target by congressional districts, counties, MSA, ZIP codes and more
  • Canadian cell phone sampling system in-house
  • Subscription to Neustar to address number portability issues
  • Radial targeting - pull sample within a specified distance of a location
  • Cleaning, formatting & coding of your sample lists
  • Sample de-duplication and look-ups


Once the survey data has been collected, Nielsen Opinion Quest can sort and categorize the open-ended comments for you.

With experienced Coders on staff, we start the collapsing process while your project is still in field.  Once a code frame has been created by us and approved by you, a numeric value is assigned to each comment for inclusion in your data file and analysis.  We target less than 10% of responses remaining in the "other" category and create a category for any mention that accounts for 1% or more of total responses.

Quality is never forgotton.  After all open-ended comments have been collapsed and coded, our team of Quality Assurance Coders double-check 50% or more to ensure accuracy and consistency of the categorization.

Data Entry

Sometimes it just has to be paper. And when that's the case, Nielsen Opinion Quest can take care of the data entry.  Whether it's 100 surveys or 10,000 surveys, we've tested our data entry personnel for both accuracy and speed and can build the team you need.

By enforcing complex skip patterns, valid response ranges and randomly verifying a minimum of 10% of all survey entries, you can be sure that nothing gets by us.  And for those clients who want to be doubly certain, we can use our double data entry protocol - any inconsistencies between the first and second data entry passes are flagged and verified.


Wouldn't it be nice to have someone handle all aspects of your research project?

From printing and postage to business reply envelopes and mail processing, Nielsen Opinion Quest has all the necessary tools and expertise to fulfill any mail-out needs.  Some of the services we offer are -

  • Questionnaire formatting
  • Questionnaire printing (black & white or colour, single-sided, double-sided or booklet)
  • Binding
  • Incentive preparation
  • Introductory letter printing
  • Mail merge
  • Address label printing
  • Survey package assembly
  • Shipping and / or postage
  • Business reply envelopes (printing and postage)
  • Mail return processing (includes sorting and unique ID # stamping)
  • Return questionnaire storage in a secure location
  • Data entry and tabulation as required

Nielsen Opinion Quest also offers automated questionnaire fax-out and a toll-free number for returns. We can conduct your mail-out project from beginning to end.


Nielsen Opinion Quest has the staff, experience and expertise to run your tables.  Once the data has been collected, let us make it easy for you to interpret.

  • Output in Excel or Word
  • Significance testing
  • Summary tables
  • Addition of top and bottom scores