About Us

Nielsen Opinion Quest (formerly Opinion Search) is a market research firm specializing in data collection.  Founded in 1988, Nielsen Opinion Quest is your one stop shop for all your fieldwork needs including — telephone, online and focus groups.  With over 25 years of field experience, Nielsen Opinion Quest is able to offer you the knowledge, history and resources to get your project completed correctly, on time and on budget.  Our philosophy of full transparency allows you to view Nielsen Opinion Quest as your data collection partner.

Our offices are located in three of Canada’s largest cities Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa.  Nielsen Opinion Quest's computer assisted telephone interviewing is all completed out of our call centres in Montreal and Ottawa.  Our telephone infrastructure consists of over 275 networked stations, an interviewing pool of over one thousand interviewers who are university and college educated and a group of over fifty field support personnel.  This infrastructure is one of largest in North America and can quickly sample, program, interview, code and tabulate your data.

In addition, we have eight focus group suites, three in each of Toronto and Montreal and two in Ottawa.  Each focus and viewing room is fully equipped with the latest in technology including digital recordings and video-streaming (FocusVision® and our complimentary in-house system) and other amenities.  We specialize in recruiting across Canada, working from our internal database, your lists or random calling using an in-house recruiting team who are monitored and have their work validated for quality control purposes.

Nielsen Opinion Quest also has its own proprietary online panel of Canadian consumers and business people for your online survey needs.  Panel members are recruited from various sources including partnerships, random telephone dialling and invitations.  Our panel recruitment, profiling and operational processes is stringent allowing us to provide you with access to your target audience.  By treating each panel member with respect and using strict management protocols, Nielsen Opinion Quest is able to maximize our response rates and yield quality responses.  Or if you have your own sample and panel source, Nielsen Opinion Quest can program and host for you including emailing, programming, hosting and tabulation services for customer satisfaction, employee surveys and more.

We also offer specialized services for translation, printing & mailing and data entry.  And all your data can be viewed online in real-time using our secure Internet reporting tools – dataCAP and qualCAP.

Resources and technology are only part of our successful formula.  It’s our people who put everything together and deliver.  Beginning with client services, who take the time to understand your requirements and offer you a data collection solution.  They will provide you with a bid for your project, provide background material you may need for your proposal and offer any additional insight to the data collection process to ensure a seamless and efficient survey process.

A dedicated Project Manager will be assigned to work with you, handling all phases of the data collection process including sampling for telephone or online, survey programming, coding and data tabulation work, as well as keeping you up to date on day-to-day progress and working with you to make sure your project is completed without a hitch.  This one point of contact means a simple, clean communication line for you.

Our call centres are run by experienced senior Field Management personnel to ensure all processes are managed resulting in the highest quality service and deliverable to you.  Our on-site two-tier supervisory and monitoring quality control staff are on the front lines ensuring all interviewing and data collection protocols are met to ensure data is collected to exceed organizational and industry standards.

Our Interviewers are selected from local universities and colleges after having passed through our 3-stage interview and assessment process. Everyone attends an extensive initial training session covering the standards of survey research and our protocol.  But we don't stop there.  On-going mandatory courses are offered on a range of survey subjects including refusal conversion, probing & clarifying, sample management, customer satisfaction surveying, and more.