Inbound IVR surveys can meet a number of needs.  They're a short survey opportunity that can be fielded in large volumes for a low cost.  Consider:

  • Evaluation of retail stores, services and products - print a toll-free survey telephone number on a receipt, encouraging customers to call in and provide their feedback.  Offer a draw and for very little effort, you can keep abreast of customers' reactions to service, products and new offerings
  • Find out people's reactions to an event - sporting, musical, cultural, educational - as participants are leaving.  Post signs or handout cards to complete a short IVR survey.  Your results are available immediately on our dataCAP and you can make changes for the next day - no data entry, no emailing, just immediate.  Complement this with a more detailed online survey, and  you have feedback for the next event
  • Survey your employees regularly and in complete confidentiality using our IVR system.  The short questionnaire can be changed easily and results are available immediately for you to act upon