Ours or yours?  We can do both.  We manage our own proprietary panel, but also work with our clients to create and maintain custom panels.  Your customers?  Prospects? Electronics enthusiasts?  We can help you find them and enlist them to help with your research needs.

And we have a proprietary Canadian panel, which unlike some, is more than just an email list.  It’s chock full of well-profiled, engaged consumer and business people all the while being managed to maximize response and data quality.  Created by on-going mixed mode recruitment (random web intercept, telephone RDD and partnerships), our panel has an excellent breadth of profile data and active respondents.  On the science side, we offer a proprietary Propensity Score Weighting technique to create the most representative general population frames possible.

And of course we have access to speciality and targeted panels to augment your project as required. Plus, we program, translate, host, code and cross-tabulate the data.

Nielsen Opinion Quest – more than just a panel provider.