Business survey research is a special challenge and one at which Nielsen Opinion Quest excels.  With years of experience ready to bear on your project, we’ll work with you to make it happen.

  • Our interviewers are selected for their skill and their background to work on B2B surveys
  • Project specific training for each assignment covering terminology, acronyms, industry issues & concerns and what’s “hot” in the industry
  • We work to understand the industry and the respondents
  • We have the experience, conducting thousands of B2B surveys each year
  • Using introductory letters and emails as an icebreaker to work with gatekeepers and build the rapport that leads to appointments with executive respondents
  • Our toll free inbound phone numbers and off hour callbacks create the flexibility needed to accommodate executive respondents
  • Maximizing response by using multi-mode (CATI, online fax-back, mail-back all seamlessly presented in one data file)
  • We'll work with you to determine if an incentive is appropriate and also to figure out what kind (direct incentive, charitable donation and/or highlight report)
  • Your Project Manager will keep you informed with regular updates
  • Value-added services include flash comments from customers (e.g. red flag reports), database updates and our industry leading dataCAP for live data access 24/7