CATI / Telephone

We know data collection. It’s been our specialty for over 20 years. And we offer the full suite of related services:

  • 275 CATI stations, predictive dialer & Internet enabled (Ottawa & Montreal call centres)
  • Multilingual interviewing (English, French, Spanish, Chinese and more)
  • On-site in-language supervision and quality control monitoring
  • Remote monitoring and pretesting
  • B2B and consumer interviewing including customer satisfaction
  • Sample sourcing
  • Translation services with French/English done in-house
  • Collapsing and coding of open-ended responses
  • Cross-tabulation, new variable creation, data weighting, graphing
  • Live data access via our secure dataCAP portal


We've got it, what else can we say? 
Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) is the industry norm. At Nielsen Opinion Quest we use purpose built data collection software for seamless integration of the CATI and online survey work we do.

  • Have complex skip patterns?
    Not a problem.
  • Want to integrate your sample database into the data file?
    Standard practice at Nielsen Opinion Quest.
  • Need multilingual abilities?
    Change language with one keystroke.
  • Want customized calling times and a callback schedule?
    It's a done deal here at Nielsen Opinion Quest.